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Motobu Japanese Wagyu A5 - Striploin (KG)

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INTRODUCTION: Striploin is the front part of the cattle's loin which is one of the most sought after cuts. Compare to tenderloin Striploin contains more lean meat and excellent marble that make a perfect steaks. The savory taste of a Striploin steak is a delicacy that one should enjoy in special occasion. Wagyu beef contain richness of iron and zinc, full of protein and vitamin which can satisfy both the needs of nutrition while provide excellent culinary taste.

PRESERVATION is best when the Wagyu A5 beef is stored in vacuum sealed bag, and keep at refrigerator at temperature -18 C. For home use, it can be kept in Frozen Refrigerator with limited contact with air.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Japanese Wagyu Beef A5 is the best quality of beef breed from Japan. The extraordinary feature of Wagyu Beef that made it stand out from other beef around the world is the white marbling texture in between the red meat part. When cook to the right temperature, the marbling texture will melt in your mouth, create an unforgettable experience.

Our Import procedure follow Japanese standard in which we hand-picked certain cow from Motobu Farm in Okinawa. Each cow selected will have a ranking certificate indicate its Quality of Yield and Marbling of A5 ranking. Each cow will be sent to slaughterhouse and cut into part which is blast frozen and vacuum sealed to maintain the freshness. Air transport is 2 days from Japan and temperature is always kept at the optimal -18 C degree.

The renowned quality of Wagyu Motobu come directly from the details caring of the cattle: with fresh water, fermented organic cereal, in a clean and fresh farm environment. Motobu Wagyu beef was raised in Okinawa prefecture in Southern-most island of Japan which are the only place in the whole Japan with Sub-tropical climate which made the cattle stress-free from cold weather. Motobu Cattle has won many Cattle Breeding contest in Okinawa as well as National Cattle Breeding Contest of Japan