Practice a Healthy Lifestyle Through Japanese Cuisine

Japan is well-known for a lot of things - beautiful sights and temples, polite and well-mannered culture, busy but efficient cities, anime and manga, etc. But one thing you should never miss out on is trying out Japanese cuisine.

The Japanese have been ranked as the number one longest living people for decades and it mostly attributes to their eating habits and the way they prepare their food. The traditional way is to carefully prepare your meals using fresh and seasonal ingredients, avoiding processed food and allowing the natural flavors to blend well with the dish. Having a balanced amount of staples is good for your body as it gets the equal amounts of nutrients it needs to stay healthy. This is Japan’s secret to longevity. 

Their diet consists of balanced meals with these staples: 

1. Rice or noodles  

Soba Noodles

A Japanese meal isn’t complete without rice or noodles. Japanese rice is short-grained and has a stickier texture when cooked. Their noodles come in different forms and varieties to keep you full - ramen, soba, udon. 

2. Fish and seafood

Sushi and Sashimi sold at a local market

Since Japan is a country surrounded by water, compared to other countries, they are used to eating and consuming more seafood than meat. Fish is mostly their main source of protein. They have a lot of creative ways to eat and prepare seafood like steaming, baking, grilling, and eating them raw. Some examples of raw dishes are sushi and sashimi.

3. Fermented or soy-based foods