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Motobu A5 Wagyu – Soft, Tender, Umami

Authentic Japanese Wagyu is among the most sought-after luxurious meat in the world due to its soft tenderness, succulent taste in which non other breed in the world could compare. Enjoy the delicacy of fresh Motobu Wagyu A5, cooked to perfection in multiple Japanese cuisine concept at AQ Gourmet & Dine

Motobu Wagyu’s marble deposits on the meat both satisfy the eyes while providing excellent tender and soft taste when consumed. The sensation of the beef melting sweetness and full of flavor melting in your mouth is an unforgettable culinary experience.

Japanese Wagyu Beef is world famous for its quality of soft and tender taste

Selection and Breeding Process

Over a period of decades, expert Japanese farmers have honed their cultivation techniques to ensure that their cows develop evenly marbled fat deposits and do not build tense, tough meat.

Wagyu breed is pure and not mixed with any other breeds. The calf was born and raised at special breeders. Each calf has a unique “birth certificate”, easily traced back to date of birth, bloodline and origin. After 7-10 months, the calfs are auctioned and raised by a special farm until they reach 30 months. 

Motobu Beef Farm Cattle

Contrary to popular belief, Wagyu are not routinely massaged, serenaded with classical music (at least not daily). However, Wagyu farmers do practice the most sophisticated technique of cattle raising. The cattle were given plenty of room with “sterilized” living quarters, fed three times per day with high-energy ingredients such as hay, fermented cereal feed, and clean water. 

A stress-free environment is one of the most important factors of cattle raising. Okinawa located in Southern-most of Japan is the only prefecture in the whole country with sub-tropical climate. Motobu Wagyu cows live in more relaxed and stress free grazing and warmer weather environments compared to other Wagyu breeds in Japan. This makes the quality of Motobu beef even more unique and yields better quality.

Wagyu Beef Quality Rating

Considered one of the most luxurious types of meat in the world, it is no surprise that the beef need to go through a rigid examination from experts. Motobu Wagyu beef is ranked by the following rating standard:

  • Yield Standard, with 3 level:

A: Above Standard

B: Standard

C: Below Standard

    Grading category of the following:

    • Bef Marbling Score (BMS)
    • Beef Coloring Score (BCS)
    • Beef Fat Standard (BFS)
    • Firmness & Texture
      1. Be

    In Order to achieve A5 Grade, the beef must rate A on Yield and Grade 5 on 4 Grading Category of BMS, BCS, BFS and Firmness & Texture

    Enjoy the highest quality Motobu Wagyu A5 at AQ Gourmet & Dine

    According to the above rating standard, the Wagyu Beef are available at AQ Gourmet & Dine is belong to the A5 rating scale of Back Cattle Wagyu, raised from Motobu farm in Okinawa province and is certified by the Japanese Meat Grading Association (JMGA)

    Each Motobu Wagyu A5 meat which are available at our AQ Gourmet and Dine location all have the clear Certificate of Origin, Certification of Quality, Cattle ID and have gone through a strict slaughter packaging and transportation standard in Japan. The Beef packaging are kept at -18 C degree throughout the process and air flown to Vietnam to ensure the freshness and quality.

    Motobu Wagyu A5 at our AQ Gourmet & Dine always have the Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Quality, Cattle ID for tracking. Each cattle was slaughtered, packaged and transport following a strict standard from Japan. Throughout the transportation process and air flown directly from Japan to Ho Chi Minh City, the beef are kept at an optimal -18 Celsius degree to ensure freshness and quality.

    Packaging and transport with strict Japanese standard

    Enjoy each fat and succulent slice of beef with such a melting sensation in a variety of dishes such as Steak, Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, Yakiniku through the hands of our master chef in a warm and cozy setting of our AQ Dining. Pairing with the right choice of red wine is a perfect setting for a relaxed and enjoyful dinner.

    Or if you would like to show of your cooking skills to treat friends and family at home but yet “gourmet” dinner, look no further to visit AQ Gourmet in which we have a variety of Motobu Wagyu beef A5 special cut to your request, combining with “special formula” sauce and premium spice and condiments ingredients prepared by our five-star gourmet chefs.

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