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Japanese Pork – outstanding quality you can taste

Marumi pork originated from healthy piglets from Kyodo farm in Kawamirami - a town famous for raising cattle in Miyazaki prefecture. Marumi pork is well known for its sweet, tender taste.


Marumi pigs are raised with two principles: healthy  feed and Raising happy stress-free pigs, with happy employees

  1. Cattle raising method of Marumi Pork

With the utmost principle of pig raising is creating natural-growth environment, high immunity, avoid using growth hormon and antibiotics. Many factors are ensured at the farm in order to create high quality and safe meat: clean water, an Original blend of feed with nothing unnecessary, and a clean modern production farm system

Marumi pigs are raised by happy employees, great care facilities, stressed-free environment

Water - an important factors in raising healthy pigs

Kawaminami Town in Miyazaki Prefecture where Marumiton Pork is produced is a town surrounded by the blessings of nature and the Osuzu mountain. The well that they have been using since 1968, provides more than enough water usage for the entire farm and the water itself has been determined as fit for human consumption. Maximizing the concentration of oxygen by fusing highly concentrated oxygen with the well water. By doing this, Kyodo farm can activate useful microorganisms in the pigs’ bodies to strengthening their immune system.

Pure water system is essential to all living things, including pigs

Rich-protein plant-based feed for digestive system

The ancestors of pigs are wild boars, and wild boars mainly eat microorganisms found in dirt and plant-based proteins. The farm raised their pigs on a corn-based diet which contains these plant-based proteins. Marumi farm emphasizes on two factors in raising pigs: remove unnecessary to the original blend of feed and only make feed which they can explain clearly every ingredient it contains. The meat provide a sweet fat smell, remove any traditional smell and unlike any other pork.

Feed are mixed and grounded

IOT Technology at Kyodo Farm

Many factors are involved to create quality pork. In Kyoda Farm, 4.0 technology is an important factor in creating healthy environment in which pigs are raised.

Employees at Kyodo Farm monitor pigsty from many different angles such as water supply, feed supply, feces collection, septic tanks, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. A wide range of systems are also monitored including our water usage monitors, feed transporting facility, air conditioning system, pollution prevention odor controls complied with JGAP (Japan Good Agricultural Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Facilities are monitored and cleaned daily, helping raise healthy stock and eco-friendly environment

  1. The difference of Marumi Pork

Compared to other type of pork, Marumi Pork achieve an excellent taste, soft and fatty meat with sweet taste, as well as remove completely the original smell of pork.

Raise in natural environment, Marumi pork keep its special flavor and maintain excellent weight when cooked. 

Good Food comes from good ingridients

  1. From Kyodo Farm in Japan to your house in Vietnam

AQ Gourmet & Dine imports Marumi pork directly from Kyodo farm, with a strict standard procedure of selecting the stock, slaughter, process and packing, maintain transport that follow Japanese logistics standard. We promise to deliver to our customers special quality meat, perfectly fresh and will always do so!

  • Marumi Pork at AQ Gourmet & Dine all have Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Quality and traceability documents. 

  • Follow strict slaughter, process and transportation standards

  • The meat are kept at -18C in all conditions from slaughter house to Vietnam to ensure highest quality standards.

  1.  Different type of pork and delicious meal from Marumi Pork

Pork belly: Marumi Pork Belly is the part of meat contain a mixture of lean meat and fat. Marumi pork belly provide chewy taste, with unforgettable smell when cooked. 

Marumi Pork belly are fat, soft, and crunchy with swett smell witth variety of cooking method: Boil, stew, Sauteed, Fried and BBQ.

Pork tenderloin: Marumi pork tenderloin was cut from the loin section of the back area all the way to spine. Tenderloin are soft and barely contain any fat.

Pork loin are perfect for steam, stir-fried, and thin-sliced and roll with rice paper as traditional Oriental dishes.

Pork ribs are one of the best part of the pig, located in the loin area, perfect to cook for many delicious dishes: sauteed with cocounut, or BBQ dishes use together with rice


AQ Gourmet and Dine welcome our special guests to enjoy many Japanese dishs with Marumi pork ingridient, cooked to perfection with our five-star chefs.

Besides AQ Gourmet provide a variety of pork cuts and packages upon your requests, as well as other special exclusive marinated sauce prepared by our own chef.

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